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Why Sell with

ICI Private Sale?

What You Care About

What You Need

  • What it's Worth

    How much is your commercial property worth in today’s market? How much do factors like scarcity, zoning, density and land type affect your price?

  • Compliance

    Having help and guidance should be important to you. Abiding by the strict legislations outlined by RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario), OREA (Ontario Real Estate Association) and CREA (Canada Real Estate Association) are a must to ensure proper closing.

  • Making the Most Profit

    At the end of the day, maximizing profit is part of the world of business and the foundation of commercial real estate. What better way to maximize your profit then finding out what your property is really worth, while saving on hefty commissions?

  • Exposure

    Being seen by as many buyers as possible is an important first step to finding someone serious about purchasing your commercial property. An attractive listing combined with unsurpassed visibility on the right platforms will get you results.

  • Expertise & Experience

    With the help of an expert you can increase your listing’s visibility and effectiveness through tailored information designed to specifically attract your ideal buyer.

  • Closing Resources

    Building your listing and the paperwork to get you the right exposure is only the beginning. Offer documentation, negotiations, legal paperwork and compliance regulatory forms will be resources you have access to along with professional assistance to get it done right.

So What Are Your Options?

  • For Sale By Owner

    Doing it on your own may save you some money upfront, but you will more than likely be left on your own not having found a buyer with limited exposure. On top of that the waste of time and effort will likely leave you disappointed.

  • Sign With an Agent

    An agent will do most of the heavy lifting but their reach is often limited to personal networking and even if they find the right buyer it will cost you a hefty commission, often 5%!

  • ICI Private Sale

    ICI provides a smarter solution that provides professional high class service for a flat fee price with larger networking capacity, a team of experts and unsurpassed exposure.

    Selling with us means you get a whole team of licensed agents and real estate experts. You get all of the services and help you need to successfully sell your commercial property, while we do some of the heavy lifting. We can help with pricing advise (CMAs), offer negotiations and title transfer + legal paperwork.

    Selling your property doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You just need:

    1. Exposure to the RIGHT type of buyers with an attractive and informative listing
    2. Expertise on how to close a deal



    Register a profile with ICI Private Sale and submit your commercial property to our free marketplace designed exclusively for the sale and lease of commercial property in Canada.

    Sign Up Today

  • POST

    Enter the brains behind the operations where we will ask you specific detailed questions about your commercial property to help you build your listing and make it attractive and more importantly informative for potential buyers.

    Explore the benefits of building your listing with us


    Our vast network of investors, buyers, retailers and businesses bring traffic to our marketplace that are serious about Canadian commercial real estate; and best of all, any transactions or connections made through are platform is completely free. So post today for free, no strings attached!


    Getting seen is the name of the game in commercial real estate. That means getting your property in front of as many potential commercial buyers as possible. You can do that with our add-on features, which include getting featured as a top property, placement in Ontario’s top luxury commercial real estate magazine or run a direct mail campaign to our network and have your property sent to their doorstep or office desk.

    List on ICIPrivateSale.com

  • MLS Exposure

    There is no better exposure then getting listed on the nations #1 real estate platform. Before that required an agreement with an agent; which would have cost you around 5%*.

    Our expert support team will get you the necessary paperwork and clearance to get you onto MLS® and REALTOR.ca for just a flat-fee MLS Exposure package. Our commission-free solution comes with professional support, commercial expertise and an eye-catching lawn sign to top it all off.
    ALL contact and offers will be go directly to you as the owner; we will not play middle-man, and you get to remain in charge.

    Learn about our MLS® listing package and get advertised on REALTOR.ca


    We’re with you from start to sold and you can opt to have a more a la carte service with our Realtor Exclusive package. You can have a licensed professional help with finding the right price by performing a comparative market analysis as well as give advice during offer negotiations and handle legal and closing paperwork.

    Learn More About Our Packages


    Our growing network also allows us to link you with some of the best in your area. Our consultation services range from getting mortgage and financing help to legal, planning, environmental, architectural and development services.

    Discover our Consultation Services


    For everything you need in today’s commercial real estate market, ICI Private Sale is your ultimate source to get things done professionally, courteously and properly, while saving thousands on our unique commission-free solution.

How Much Can You Save with ICI Private Sale

* When compared to an average commission of 5%, including the applicable taxes. May not include remuneration paid to the buyer’s agent, if any. 

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